Updates on the Light Novel Front

Hi, long time so see. Ehehehe I didn’t forget this site existed, but it has been three years.

I thought this would be a good time to put forward some of my recent LN habits. For one, I have started using Novel Updates to keep track of my reading.

I really recommend this. Novel Updates isn’t the best for recommendations or browsing but it is great for keeping track of where you are at in a Light Novel, and checking for updates.

Also, Knights and Magic has an anime!!! I was so excited!!

Here are the links:


In other news, I have been clinically diagnosed with a reading addiction. It is actually a problem and I am trying to moderate now.

Working on my addiction,
Will (for willpower)

Coiling Dragon

Time for another one of my erratic posts.  Today’s fruit comes from a genre called wuxia. Wuxia novels are basically about OP martial artists.  Of course they don’t always start out OP. Many of the wuxia I have read outline the MC’s life from a very young age, before they became immortal and indestructible.  This is exactly how Coiling Dragon starts out.

Coiling Dragon follows the life of Linley Baruch.  Linley is the heir to the baruch clan, a clan descended from the Dragonblood Warrior, who is one of the four legendary warriors of that world. However, this ends up hurting him more than helping him. However, due to a bout of extreme luck, Linley finds an ancient and mysterious ring, which he names the coiling dragon.  He then meets the rings previous owner, and gets started on the journey that will make him the most powerful person alive.  Note, this is not a spoiler.  As far as I have read, it hasn’t happened yet, but from the flow of the story, even right at the begining, you can tell that this is the most likely ending. Oh and romance… nah not worth mentioning(but I Will anyways). there are two major people who show up in Linley’s life. Yes, it has some effect on the story, but it is mostly negligible, especially for the second one.

Before I forget, here is the link:

someone else was translating it, but they stopped and Wuxiaworld has all of the chapters till now soooo.
Have fun with the new genre!

Adding fuel to the fire

Zhan Long

Haven’t posted in a while, but here is another recommendation.

Zhan Long is about a young man named Xiao Yao.  He is destitute and works a low end security job. But all is not as it seems because he is actually a martial arts expert of the highest degree, and was once part of an elite branch of police. One of his true joys in life is playing online games with his friend, but he doesn’t have enough money to buy the new virtual reality game.  Fortunately he gets hired by a rich guy to be the bodyguard of his beautiful daughter(the rich guy’s not Xiao Yao’s) and gets to play the game as a freebie. And so starts his adventure.

As you can guess, this is a story about a  VRMMORPG. There is also some supernatural occurrences later in the story.  Romance wise, well, the romance exists, and it is a major part, but it doesn’t overshadow the rest of the story… yet.

Well anyways, I like it so maybe you will too. Give it a try.

Here is the link:

BTW: you have a choice of language.  click on the language you want to get to the chapters. Also someone else was translating it before. hello translations i think? you can check them out too if you want, but they stopped translating it a while ago.  I think someone is trying to overtake gravity too. not sure if they succeeded.

Have fun,
Addicted Will

Knights and Magic

This also falls under “other world”. It isn’t game like.  The difference here is that it is reincarnation, meaning the character is reborn into the other world after death (usually)… anything else?  Should I include Mecha? Well, I haven’t read enough  Mecha to make it a tag so I’ll just leave it.

Knights and Magic is about Eru who was originally a computer programmer who died and got reincarnated. As he has memories of his old world, Eru shows immense creativity.  He also has immense passion towards robots. This passion drives him to learn and do whatever it takes to become a Silhouette knight. Silhouette Knights are basically gundam style giant robot suits piloted by people.  With his amazing insight, hard work, and lack of common sense, Eru becomes an  intelligent and OP inventor/pilot/magician.

Lets see, romance (I don’t know it you noticed but I generally put the state of the romance down) well…. lets just say that some flags have been raised. Most people just think of Eru as cute, and he is often mistaken for a girl.  There doesn’t seem to be any signs of Harem.  The one girl who is definitely interested is Ady.  Ady and Chid are Eru’s best friends, and are brother and sister. Ady is not a bad match for Eru, and I don’t find her too annoying so its okay.

Either way its a great read

Here is the link (lol 😛 I almost forgot)

Always Addicted,

Tate no Yuusha No Nariagari (The Rise of the Shield Hero)

Up next is one of my newer favorites.  I was introduced into this one through the manga version of it. By that time I had already started reading some light novels like LSK (see second post) and LMS (see third post).

Anyways, its a great series.  It falls under the “summoned to another world” category, but this world is very similar to a game, so I guess it goes under VRMMO…. maybe? I guess you have to categorize it as, “brought to game like world”. There are actually many others that are in this type of category, like the reincarnated slime one.  That’s for later though.

Sheild hero, or TnY is about an ordinary college student summoned to another world along with three others.  Unfortunately, the main character, Naofumi, is discriminated against because he is the shield hero.  (don’t ask why, discriminators are just illogical).  At first, he is okay, but after he is betrayed, falsely accused of a crime, and outcast from society, he starts to build up hatred and becomes an anti-hero.  Though his motives are bad and he has a terrible personality(well, I like it, but he isn’t a good person per say), he isn’t evil.  In fact, those who get to know him think he is kind, though he doesn’t agree.  This is a hilarious story.  There is some romance like elements, but they don’t appear till later.  Also, Naofumi is against the romance, and half the time doesn’t even notice it.  There is also a bit of a harem, but again, the romance is rejected by the main character.

enough delay, here is the link
I wont give any others since this page links to them all, and I like yoraikun a lot.

happy addiction,

Daybreak on Hyperion

My next recommendation is Daybreak.  I have showed you two from the VRMMORPG  category, and one from fantasy. This light novel falls under the “gender bender” and “summoned to another world” categories.

There are two main characters in this story. First is Pascal, a genius “runemaster” who has some social issues. He summons the other main character, Kaede.  Kaede was a normal high-school boy, albeit a history buff. However, one day he is suddenly finds himself in another world, as a Familiar to Pascal, and unfortunately(or not) a girl.  This is not a harem story, and Kaede is more of a girl than a guy.  While they joke about it, there is no real romance between Kaede and Pascal either.

It is a good read, here is the link:

Keep reading,
Will of the Addicts


Well isn’t this title nice and short. I don’t even need to abbreviate.  If you saw my last post, read Moonlight Sculptor(LMS), and liked it, then Ark is a must read for you.  Of course you could have read LMS without seeing this blog, but that is fine too.

The main character of Ark, Ark, is very similar to Weed (from LMS).  Ark is a destitute young man who is working hard for his sick mother.  He joins an audition for a gaming company. The audition is to play the virtual reality game, made by the company.

Personally, I like Ark more than Weed. there is less romance, and while Ark is self serving and greedy, he is compassionate at times. Also, his anti-social outlook makes me feel better about myself 😛

Here are the links:
http://japtem.com/projects/ark-toc/(volumes 1 -4)
https://arkmachinetranslations.wordpress.com/(volumes 4 – most recent)
yes, it says machine translations, but don’t get all cranky, the quality is great and a new chapter is released about every other day.  To tell you the truth I can’t tell the difference between this machine translation and the direct translations on Japtem.

Still Addicted,

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

My next recommendation is Legendary Moonlight Sculptor. This is the Light Novel that got me into the whole VRMMORPG thing. (if you don’t know what that is you will soon find out).

LMS is about an extremely poor guy who only loves his sister.  He also likes playing games. One day he sells his account to a game and gets bucket loads of money for it. unfortunately he is still poor due to debts.  He decided to do it again and starts playing another game, royal road, under the same name weed, in hopes of making a ton of money.

There is a bit of romance.  if you like it fine, if not, there isn’t much so just ignore it.

here are the links:
http://japtem.com/projects/moonlight-sculptor-toc/ (till volume 17)
http://royalroadweed.blogspot.co.il/2014/11/toc.html(till volume 20)
PS: for this one, if you click on the drop down for LMS you will find the story in German, Dutch, Russian, Turkish, Indonesian, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.
http://jawztranslations.blogspot.com/p/legendary-moonlight-sculptor.html(till volume 22)

you could just go straight to jawz but i like royal-road weed better, and japtem has links to other places so…


your fellow addict,

Legend of Sun Knight

My First recommendation to you all is Legend of Sun Knight.  It was the first light novel that I read. previous to this, while I had a vague idea of their existence, I had no idea that there were translated versions of light novels available.

Legend of Sun Knight is about a group of holy knights who defy stereotypes by following them.  Each knight has their own split personality and their own contradiction.  Its a great read with no romance. The main character is a cunning and handsome anti-hero.

This is the link

your fellow addict,